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Concussion Awareness Workshops

posted 15 May 2014, 05:14 by Portaferry GAC Portaferry
Ulster GAA will be delivering 2 Concussion Awareness Workshops in County Down on Wednesday 21st May 2014.

The workshops will be held in St John's GAC Drumnaquoile and Ballycran GAC. Both workshops will commence at 7.15pm and conclude by 8.30pm.

Clubs are asked to attend the workshop which is most suitable for their members.
This workshop is designed for parents, players and coaches to:

- I...ntroduce you to the topic of concussion in a non-medical way or in lay man's terms.
- To take a look at how fragile our brain is within the skull.
- Examine what concussion is and how we perhaps don’t regard it as an injury.
- Help us recognise some of the Signs & Symptoms of Concussion.
- Help us appreciate the Potential Dangers of not dealing with it seriously as we would with any other injury
- Establish principles of management and or an Action Plan for Coaches if it should happen.
- Identify specific considerations for Children (5-12 years) and how the injury needs managed.
- To ensure we help Players Cope when they have had a concussion.
- Establish a "Return to Play" and management of players back into full contact.
- Provide access to resources that can be used to educate in your club or school

Given the competitive nature of Gaelic Games, concussion is an area of huge relevance and importance.

It is imperative that EVERY club is represented in numbers at the workshops. The general health and well being of our players is the single most important part of our organisation.

Please ensure that each management team within your club has at least one representative at the workshop. This could literally make the difference between life and death.